The Power of Free

Incentive Attraction

Recently, I visited a health fair where a small booth was offering free five minute massages. Not one to miss out on freebies, I got in line. The therapist did a great job transitioning me from an indifferent walk-by to an appreciative customer!


Here's how they did it:

  • After the five minute massage, the therapist insisted I visit their spa for a free 30 minute session.
  • She handed me a business card and flyer.
  • She called me the next day to set up the free appointment at their office.
  • A couple days later, I got a full-color postcard reminding me of my appointment.
  • From the moment I stepped foot in their office, the staff was friendly and professional.
  • After the session they offered me a $10 off coupon for a 1-hour deep-tissue massage.
  • To ensure I didn't forget them, they followed up with a thank you card and reminded me to make sure I took them up on their offer. They even added a little humor about being careful on the way in for my next visit. (I shared with them that a cop pulled me over before my free massage.)

This local business was on the ball...and just won a new customer!