The Rise of the Email Update


Me and a number of my customers are starting a new trend at Ace of Sales. We're sending our contacts a weekly Email Update instead of a full blown ezine. It's a quickie email newsletter. Your contacts will love it because it's fast to read. You'll love it because it's easy to create.

Here's how it works:

You write one strong, value article each week - less than 250 words. The subject matter should be centered on your expertise. Add a compelling graphic to accompany it. (The Ace of Sales Email Greeting template is a perfect fit and will display all your branding and personal info.)

At the end of the article add a no cost offer call to action.

  • Download my complimentary e-book.
  • Sign up for my free webinar.
  • Get my white paper now.

Make sure you capture each contacts' first name, last name, and email address when they request the offer.

It's called a Weekly Update. It's the new quickie of the personal marketing world. It's easy to do, takes little time, and is preferred by many over a long ezine.