The Ultimate 3mail Spam N0-N0!

Some smarty-pants email marketers (please tell me you've never tried this) replace vowels with numbers in the words of their subject lines to try to get by with using "spammy" terms. Spammers have been doing this forever and still do it everyday! Therefore spam filters have their zappers set to kill for terms like these. Don't do it – never ever! If you're tempted to try this technique, I recommend a little self-assessment. Email is not meant for solicitation. It's meant for valuable communication and relationship building.

Here are a few ugly examples:

  • FR33
  • Sp3cial
  • W1n
  • Pr0m0tion
  • A M3ssag3 Fr0m
  • 0ff3r
  • Cl!ck H3re
  • 0n3 T1me

Act like a spammer, and you'll get treated like one.