The Value of a Little Adventure


In third grade I had a choice – walk home from school alone or ride the bus for an hour (my house was the last stop). I chose the shorter path even though I despised “The March of Boredom" more than brushing my teeth or washing the dishes. So... I did what any imaginative eight year old would do. Each day as I headed home, I pretended I had a fatal stomach wound inflicted on me by a gunman atop the school. The goal was to survive until I made it to the hospital (my house). Clinging to life, I staggered up Lynn Dell Road. I reached the Powell’s yard and could go no further. Clutching my abdomen and wailing in agony, I crumpled into the soft green grass to die.

The first time I “pulled this little stunt," Mrs. Powell burst from her house slippered, bathrobed, and screaming hysterically. From then on, I was only permitted to “die" in my own yard. It worked out pretty well, because my mom fit perfectly into the fantasy as an angel sent to resurrect me with a Little Debbie snack cake.

Though I no longer “die" in my neighbors’ yards anymore, I still combat the vanilla moments of life by adding the chocolate syrup of adventure. I find it doesn’t take much to transform monotonous exercises into more enjoyable experiences.

Guess who else prefers life topped with a little extra excitement? Your customers!

Add touches of adventure to your customers’ experiences to strengthen your relationships, create memorable moments, and build a personal brand that’s “to die for."

End result: Customer loyalty and referrals that are very, very real.

Here are 5 tips to add a little adventure to customer experiences:

1. Book a training excursion with a top customer.

It could be a half-day event in your locality or a full-blown mini-vacation to an event neither of you will forget. Jeffrey’s Boot Camp in Vegas anyone? Pay for their ticket and they’ll pay you with undying gratitude.

2. Mail a treat to a customer only they would appreciate.

Recently, a customer of mine named Bob reminded me how well this works. While cleaning out his house he found a vintage sticker featuring Superman, my favorite comic hero. He mailed it to me with a nice note. I’ve only showed it to about 5,000 people.

3. Host your own networking event somewhere unusual with just a few business friends.

Another customer of mine recently used Ace of Sales to send out a chocolate tasting invitation to a select group of customers. They met at a local premier chocolate shop to get away from the unsweetened tedium of the week and enjoyed casual conversation over dessert.

4. Add a little personality to your proposals.

Make the buying process a little less ordinary, especially when you’re the long shot. I once tacked on this phrase at the end of a proposal, “The next document you sign for me will be your testimonial." I got the sale AND the testimonial.

5. Boost the excitement of your presentations with the power of show-and-tell.

Before you launch into your next PowerPoint, start off by using a physical object as a story illustration. Have you ever seen Jeffrey’s fake barf used to represent how your brochure sounds to customers? It rallies the room every time!