The Value of a Name

Andy's Burgers and Fries signOne early morning, while heading home from a visit to the Gitomer Studios in Charlotte, I pulled off the highway to fuel up. There, next to the gas station, was a little diner with bright, '50's-style signage that read:

Andy's Burgers Shakes & Fries

 I never wanted a burger more in my life – and I wasn't even hungry! Truth be told, it didn't matter what they were selling. It could have been jewelry, parrots, or a bazooka.

My buying mode had been switched on simply because my name was on their door. Has this kind of thing ever happened to you?

(Later on, I told my brother DaRyan about this experience but he couldn't relate. Did I mention his name is DaRyan?)

Back to the story... I pulled the door handle while reaching for my wallet. Drat! They weren't open yet and I didn't have a couple hours to wait. Besides, a burger for breakfast was beginning to sound less appealing.

Oh, well. At least it got me thinking about how strongly we're drawn to our name and how we light up at the sound of it. There really is no sweeter word.

Customers are no different. Their name holds great meaning and importance to them. And you can use it to grab their attention and increase their attraction to you.

Here are 6 ideas to do just that...

  1. Your customer's name, begin and end with it! Don’t just include it in your hellos and salutations. Make sure you also sign off with the most engaging word possible... “Tell me what you think, Jack." 
  2. Personalize important proposals. When those big opportunities present themselves and you prepare for your presentation, spend the time and money on proposal cover letters with the customers’ names on them. Use big, bold letters. Make one for everyone in the room.
  3. Give gifts that are personalized with your customers' names. Most companies put their own names on the gifts they give. Forget that! Engrave it, print it, paint it, or embroider it with the customer’s name. They’ll keep it forever and tell everyone who gave it to them.
  4. Mention your customer in a blog article by name. It doesn’t matter how many read your blog. Perhaps it’s just you. Post an article about your customer, bragging on something that impressed you or something you learned from them. Include their name three or for times. Put it in the title. Then... email them the link.
  5. Record a customer video. Start off the video by simply saying their name. "Mary Wilson." Pause. Then continue by expressing thanks to them, describing their accomplishments, or sharing some of their wisdom. Make sure the last two words at the end of the video are their first and last name. “Thank you, Mary Wilson." Post it to your YouTube channel (you can make it private or public) and email them the link.
  6. Display their name in your lobby. When your customer visits, put their name in lights. Don’t have lights? Show it on a big monitor! Don’t have a monitor? Make a poster. Write it on a white board. Get your kids to write it with crayons. If they remember one thing from their visit, it will be your sign with their name on it.