Tips for Creating a Good Import List

Importing a contact database can get messy.

You've got a whole lot of data moving around; making a solid import list in Excel can save you a lot of headache.

Make a good CSV


Ace of Sales requires that First Name and Last Name be in separate columns in your CSV file. If your CSV file shows them in the same column, follow these steps in Excel to get them into separate columns.

1. Open the Excel spreadsheet, and first, cut and paste the column you need to split to make it the very last column of your file. (This is so that when you split the column to create new columns, you won't write over any existing data in your file.)

2. Then select (highlight) that column.

3. Click Data > Text to Columns

4. Select "Delimited" and click Next.

5. On the next window, check "Space" (for example), depending on what is separating the first & last names in the original column. I usually check all 3 - Space, Comma & Tab, since you could have more than one delimiter, as in the name "Carl M. Jones, Jr" (spaces and a comma). Then click Next.


6. In the next window select the Destination cell - it defaults to the column following the one you want to split, so you probably don’t need to change that setting. Then click Finish.

7. Check the new column(s) that are created to make sure they have a title.

Make sure the columns in your CSV file will map (match) to the column names in Ace of Sales. If you have mailing addresses, you will need to make sure you have separate columns for Street Address, City, State, and Zip for each type of address you have (such as Home and/or Work) since Ace of Sales won't import incomplete mailing addresses. If you have extra columns that were exported from your CRM like "Account Type", as long as those columns are not mapped in Ace of Sales, then Ace of Sales won't try to import them, so you can leave them in your original file as-is.

Clean up your data. It is a good idea to open your CSV file before you import and make sure the right info is in the right columns (all the emails in the email column, all the phone numbers in the phone number column, etc.).

Check here for step-by-step instructions to import your CSV file into Ace of Sales.