Track Andy’s Kickstart Project: Simple Video Studio


Last week, I kicked off my year with my New Year's Kickstart (I swore off resolutions years ago). Many of you did the same as I challenged you to join me. A New Year's Kickstart is a 2 week project to ignite your strategy and momentum for the year. I have so many ideas I want to share with you and face to face is the best way I know how. With that in mind, I decided to build my own Simple Video Studio, where I can record professional quality videos for you!

Rather than building an elaborate, state of the art studio, my goal is to build a studio you could replicate if you want to do the same for your customers. A $25,000 studio isn't realistic for most people, so I'm shooting to spend less than $1,000!

Can it be done? I'm giving it my best effort.

I'm using Wistia's blog as a reference point. They're video masters. We use them at Ace of Sales for all our video hosting.

Check out this video by Wistia on how to build a down and dirty lighting set up. I'll be using it as my lighting template!


My camera will be my iPhone 5 and my microphone will be my USB Apogee MiC ($199) I use for webinars.

With 1 week to go before my deadline on Jan 21 (my birthday), I'll continue to update my progress for you:

Tuesday, Jan 8th I researched and priced out everything I'll need to build my studio.

Wednesday, Jan 9th I visited Amazon and Home Depot and bought:

• Light stands (2) • Clip lights (3) • Day light bulbs (40 watt, 60 watt, 100 watt) • Backdrop stand • Backdrop material • Camera tripod • Camera mount for tripod • Boom mic stand • Boom mic clip • USB to Lighting Adapter to plug my Apogee MiC directly into my iPhone 5 • Extension USB cord (to go from my phone to the boom stand) • Extension cords for the lights.

All for just less than $500. Add my Apogee MiC to that, and I'm currently under $700.

Quick progress report w/ my shopping buddy (Wistia's Down & Dirty Lighting Video):

* I was out of town for the 10-11th *

Saturday, Jan 12th I started assembling my gear which had now arrived in the mail from Amazon. I chose my unfinished basement for my studio location. Why? Because most of my customers don't have space at work to set up their own studio.

Also, I bought a 6'x8' carpet remnant from Home Depot - to help define the space and make it a bit more cozy.

Wednesday, Jan 16th I've finished assembling my Simple Video Studio in my basement! Now to start shooting some test footage. Less than a week left. Hope your Kickstart is rolling along...

Saturday, Jan 19th Test runs with the new video studio set up with my boys! Tweaking lighting and audio. (Their first recordings smoked mine!)


Sunday, Jan 20th Recorded first video! I'll be sharing it with you on Jan 29th and announcing The Champs of the New Year's Kickstart Challenge!


I'm DONE! I hope you are too! Congrats to everyone who finished on time. My 2 Champs will be announced here within my first edited video using my new Simple Video Studio on Jan 29th after the 2nd deadline (Jan 28th).