We Have a Winner: ANGEL JENSEN!

Golden Winner TrophyCongratulations to our "Dinner with Jeffrey Contest" winner, Angel Jensen. Her hilarious and colorful Email Greeting, plus a strong network of friends, family, and supporters put her on top. At 11 PM Eastern Time today – Sept 30 – Angel clinched the winning spot. She won by a margin of almost 70 votes, to capture the prize of an all-expense paid trip to Charlotte, NC to visit the Buy Gitomer Studio and have dinner with Jeffrey Gitomer. One thing can be guaranteed: this will be an evening to remember. Congratulations to our winner, Angel. The contest was a lot closer than it appeared in the end. Lisa Argabright and Amy Whitaker were tough competitors putting up a fight that looked to be a photofinish. All the finalists had strong entries and all deserved the recognition they received from friends, family, and supporters from all over. Well done, everyone!

The final vote tally was Angel Jensen: 414, Lisa Argabright: 345, Amy Whitaker: 272, Duane Christensen: 132, and Rebecca Drabent: 112. A total of 1,275 total votes were cast.

From the very beginning our goal was to push our customers to use their imagination, creativity, and selling ability to bring their Email Greetings to life. We couldn't have hoped for a better, more fun-filled contest. Thanks to our contestants, our fantastic finalists, and to everyone who participated. We had a blast and we hope you did too!

Angel... we'll be contacting you tomorrow. We hope you'll have returned from cloud 9.