We Have Our Contest Finalists!

Great job to everyone who entered our “Dinner with Jeffrey Contest"! We’ll be emailing each of you a little thank you gift for joining the fun. But now it’s time to pick the winner from our five finalists:

To enter the contest, entrants were required to answer one, simple question: “Why would you like to have dinner with Jeffrey Gitomer?" They had to do it in the form of an Ace of Sales Email Greeting.

We picked the finalists based on creativity, writing ability, emotional hook, professionalism, and other subjective factors like if it made us smile or spew soda.

Many of the entries were surprisingly personal, expressive, and creative. Some were so compelling, we wrote them back!

The entire process was a treat and as the entries flew in, I was reminded of certain principles and truths that are invaluable for salespeople to keep in mind.

Here’s the winning hand of reminders:

Ace of Hearts: Read the directions. We received entries from a number of contestants that didn’t qualify because they failed to follow the rules. One of the fastest ways to be disqualified by your customers is to overlook their requirements.

King of Hearts: There’s no greater waste than a brilliant idea presented poorly. Your ideas hold the potential to establish you as a thinker, expert, creative force, value provider, and priceless resource. They have sales-making power! However, if you can’t communicate them succinctly, clearly, concretely, and attractively... they’re useless.

Queen of Hearts: Some misspellings are worse than others. No matter how much proofing and spell checking you do, you will make typos. Make double sure it’s not your customer's name. If your customer’s name is Jeffrey and you spell it Jeffery – you’re out.

Jack of Hearts: The aesthetics value of design is difficult to measure. Because of that, some people don’t think good design matters or wins the business. But here’s the thing, bad design and poor graphics can disqualify you. Good design is an unstated requirement.

Ten of Hearts: Don’t pretend to have a deeper relationship with your customer than you really do. Customers roll their eyes at manufactured familiarity. If you want to get to know someone better, simply say “I’d like to get to know you better." Authenticity wins every time.

Good luck to our five finalists!