What is a CSV file

CSV stands for “comma separated values (or version)" or “comma delimited values (or version)". CSV is the universal file format that Ace of Sales can import. Before you try to import your contacts into Ace of Sales, make sure your CSV file is formatted properly, like this:

The safest thing to do, and the fastest way to make sure it imports correctly, is to check the following:

1. It should have separate column names for each field.

2. The column names should always be the first row.

3. You also should delete fields that your CRM may have exported that are not necessary to Ace of Sales, such as "Account Owner".

The main thing is to make sure the file is saved as CSV, and is comma separated. Some programs like Salesforce WILL export a CSV file, but it is not in the proper format for Ace of Sales. If you are exporting from Salesforce, first export the file as an Excel (.xls) file, then open it and re-save it as a CSV file to then import into Ace of Sales.