Wish You Had Just the Right Image? Try Fotolia!

Let's say you're a business that serves college students, and you're creating an Email Greeting to announce your reduced hours for Spring Break week. Wouldn't it be great if you could drop a photo of the beach into your email?

That's exactly what Amanda Doss of Computer Link did, as you can see by her fantastic Email Greeting to the left!

Here's how she did it:

  • She created a free account at Fotolia, a low cost stock photo website.
  • Then she searched for an image of the beach.
  • She found the perfect image and bought it for less than $10.
  • The image was saved to her desktop.
  • Then she logged in to Ace of Sales and clicked Personalizer and then Custom Designs to create a design with her new image.
  • Finally, she clicked the Email Greeting icon and her image was waiting for her to select, add a message, and send.

You can do it too! Here are some tips:

  • When you purchase an image from Fotolia, you can choose from several size options. Get the first size larger than 1000 pixels wide and 1000 pixels tall.
  • Get a horizontal/landscape image - not vertical/portrait.
  • Fotolia's images are all RGB formatted JPG images - perfect for Ace of Sales! If you edit your Fotolia image in Photoshop or a similar program, make sure to save it back out in the same format.
  • When you create a Custom Design in Ace of Sales, it goes into your library in the Personalizer area. You can use your new design as an Email Greeting, Postcard, Greeting Card, or Perforated Card.

After you create your Custom Design, send us an Email Greeting so we can rave about it: andyhorner@aceofsales.com!