Zingers: The Latest, Greatest Email Subject Lines We've Come Across:

"Two Quick Questions..."Used by Jeffrey Gitomer in a recent Ace of Sales promotion. This one contributed to one of the biggest email open rates we've seen!

"Man, I hate making these calls..." By "The Ladders" CEO, Marc Cenedella. This guy writes great subject lines. He leads you right in to his column about how painful it is to call friends when you need a job.

"Carry Questions Around with You" By Social Media Sherpa, Chris Brogan. This subject line works because it's a challenge that resonates with everyone on the front line of business. Chris draws you in to his article about asking questions that give you value.

"Rebecca's on Vacation nanny nanny boo boo" By Ace of Sales customer Rebecca Drabent in Yuma, AZ. The subject line says it all and every recipient is reminded that she is fun and full of personality. You can't help but open the email!